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Take Your Business to The Next Level by Becoming a Certified Stylist

It's more than a just badge.

Displaying the Style Network Certified badge on your website instantly boosts your credibility, but that’s not all you get. Check out what else Certification will do for you.


One of the biggest benefits of certification is being listed as a Network Stylist on the Everyday Style website. One of the reasons we started the Style Network was to help our listeners, readers and customers all over the world find qualified, in-person styling help, and we get questions every week asking us if we have someone in their area*.

But that’s not all we do to help your business get visible. We feature Certified stylists on our Social Media channels and emails, and give you opportunities to be on our podcasts

We want to do everything we can to help you get the word out about your business!

Advanced Training

Each month, Certified Stylists have an extra training session, going deeper into a topic to help you move your business forward. Topics we’ve covered include copywriting, sales, writing welcome email series, and content marketing.

These are topics that are too big to take on when you’re just starting out. The Confident Stylist course is designed to give you a solid business foundation without overwhelming you into inaction. But there comes a time when you’ll want to refine your website, increase your email game, and make bigger leaps in business. We help our Certified Stylists do just that!


Along with the Advanced Training, we offer our Certified Stylists bonus support through extra Voxer Office Hours each month, where you can get 1:1 feedback on whatever you’re working through in your business.

Plus, each quarter, Certified Stylists are invited to a quarterly planning session that will help you set (and reach) your goals, map out your content, and plan your marketing efforts.

The Certification Process

To become certified, Network Stylists must complete 35 hours of styling with a minimum of 7 clients (either paid or unpaid), and complete a portfolio with Before/After pictures of the clients, and feedback from the clients themselves. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have a professional, working website.

Once the portfolio has been submitted, you’ll take a certification exam, testing your knowledge of different body shapes and how to dress them, as well as client scenarios you’re likely to encounter.

Our certification process is rigorous because we want to make sure Everyday Style fans are getting a knowledgeable, high-quality stylist when they find you on our website.

The Investment

The cost of being a Certified stylist is $497/year. If you get just one client through the extra training or visibility you receive, the program pays for itself.


Any working stylist who is a part of The Style Network can apply for certification. There is no minimum requirement of how long you need to have been in business.

The majority (more than 70%) of your business must be in-person styling, and if you offer digital products, they can’t compete with the products & courses Everyday Style offers–specifically Capsule Wardrobe Guides. Certified Stylists agree to have their digital products reviewed to verify there’s no overlap and no copyright violations.

If you’d like more information about becoming certified, or you’re ready to start the process, reach out to our team at hello@thestylenetwork.co for more information

*We can’t guarantee or even estimate how much business you’ll get from being listed on our site. It depends on a lot of factors, including how big our audience is in your area, how compatible you are with potential clients, and how well your website converts traffic. We’ll do the best we can if you do the same