success doesn't have to be difficult.

The Style Network helps women find financial freedom while building a business that’s actually fun. 

Build the Business You've Always Dreamed Of.

The Style Network helps women build successful in-person styling businesses that turn their dreams into reality without years of painful trial and error.

Styling women is the easy part.

growing your business? that's a whole different ballgame.


Are you struggling to get momentum and get your business consistently making money?

Our course, The Profit Path, teaches you what you need to know to get your business on the right track–and get profitable quickly.


The Style Network isn’t an impersonal program where you get lost in the shuffle.

I’m right alongside you, answering your questions and sharing my knowledge to help your business grow.

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Entrepreneurship can be lonely. It’s the reason a lot of business owners give up.

You need a community of people who know exactly what you do, and exactly where you’re at. Plus, a little accountability never hurt!


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